Armanov - Swager Pro for Dillon XL650

Armanov Primer pocket Swager Pro for Dillon Xl-650 reloading machine was developed from ground up, based on experience and many trials and tests were made to make it perfect. Our goal was to make swager mounted as quick as possible and reliable for use. There is no need to remove swager base when feeding live primers, only swager pin should be removed.

Swaging primer pockets requires separate operation so cases must be run twice through the cycle. It’s ideally performed as a separate operation using Armanov Primer Stop Switch and Armanov Free-Float, Zero-Play Toolhead.

Custom wrench is included to easily remove primer seater assembly and install primer swager pin. Swager base is made from steel with nice nickle plated finish. Swager base has countersunk holes for screw heads to align swager base to machine perfectly. There is additional screw to fine tune swager pin position perfectly with rotary primer disc.

We made totally new design of swager pin geometry.  It’s designed to work with all types of crimps, like 3 point crimp or round crimp that is usually used in military brass. Swager pins are made of top quality steel that is additionally hardened with process called Carbonitriding. With such finish swager pins are very hard and wear resistant. Swager pins are made within strict tolerance where each pin must be within 0,01 mm (0.0004 inch) to properly resize primer pocket. In addition to resizing the primer pocket, it adds the correct chamfer for easy primer entry.

Armanov Swager Pro has unconditional lifetime warranty. If your swager wears out or breaks, just send it back to us and we will send you another one free of charge!

Armanov Swager Pro features:

  • No loose screws or wobbling parts.
  • Super fast and easy swager setup and pin change
  • Small and large primer pins included
  • Carbonitrated swager pins for toughness and wear resistance.
  • Unique fine swager base aligment with additional fine-tuning screw
  • Included custom made wrech for swager pin and swager seater assembly
  • Swager pin tolerances within 0,01 mm (0.0004 inch)
  • Swager re-sizes the primer pocket and adds the correct chamfer
  • Use with case feeder and swage more than 1000 rounds per hour.
  • Lifetime warranty

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