TMB Designs is owned and run by Trevor Bailey, operating from his workshop in Pershore, England. For a number of years we have specialized in the design and construction of cartridge display boards containing either shotgun or metallic rounds. We stock rifle calibres from .17 Remington to .700 Nitro Express together with a good selection of current pistol and military calibres. TMB Designs will also gladly undertake individual commissions or we can mount your own personal cartridge collection. We can also provide custom-made mounts for military medals and awards. . All our cartridges whether they be shotgun or metallic rounds are DE-ACTIVATED prior to mounting eliminating the requirements for licences or permits in the UK

Our cartridge displays can also be designed to incorporate clocks and this has become a popular addition to our range.

Recently TMB Designs was commissioned to produce the new Norma "African PH" Cartridge Displays and have also designed displays for GMK/SAKO cartridges and Holland & Holland USA

Over the last few years TMB Designs has been involved and introduction of several ranges of Homeware and gift related products. These range from Hand painted limited edition figurines, replica 1/6 pewter guns/ rifles to engraved decanters, whisky, brandy and wine glassware.
We have now just purchased another engraving machine that produces very high quality engravings and is able to take larger items, with this we are able to take on commissions for bespoke work.