DAA - International Magazine Gauge

The DAA Magazine Gauge is a multi-gauge rolled into one, with a truly international appeal!

Both IPSC and USPSA require you to measure the length of long magazines  in the Open division. However, IPSC uses 170.0 mm as their required  length restriction, while USPSA’s rules allow a length of 171.25 mm.  This gauge does both! An adaptor insert block enables you to change the  length of the gauge from IPSC to USPSA in seconds. In addition, the  gauge includes a 140 mm mag gauge (measuring 141.25 mm as required by  USPSA), a 35.0 mm gauge to control the width of the magwells used in the  classic division, and a 50.00 mm gauge to measure the distance between a  competitor’s gear and torso.

Constructed from top quality aluminum and machined to the tightest  tolerances, the DAA Magazine Gauge offers you a lifetime of service, on  either side of the Atlantic.

359 SEK