DAA - Mr. Bulletfeeder - Pistol and Rifle

Mr. Bulletfeeder ® (Bullet Feeder) by Double-Alpha

DAA has been the proud European distributor of Mr. Bulletfeeder® since 2006, and we have never had an unhappy customer! Anyone and everyone who invested in a Bullet Feeder absolutely loves it. You wonder how you ever reloaded without one...

If you reload a lot, you quickly appreciate the efficiency and reliability of this ingenious patented system.

However, Mr. Bullet Feeder has always been a little “rough” in  appearance and finish. It was made from existing materials and parts,  and as such never had the sleek look and feel of a refined “production”  article. Also, since the bullet feeders have always been hand made, in  moderate quantities, production costs have been high, and demand always  exceeded availability.

Now, all this has changed! We are proud to introduce the new Mr.  Bulletfeeder® by DAA. DAA and RAK Systems have teamed up and have  retooled and redesigned the Mr. Bulletfeeder®, which is now manufactured  by Double-Alpha Academy. The new system, manufactured under license by  RAK Systems, is lighter in weight and more compact than the previous  models. It is easier to install and set up, and has a more professional  “production” look and feel.

An entirely new US Patent Pending dropper system allows the new model to  function better and longer than before. The new dropper design  eliminates the need for any spring or small plastic parts in the dropper  head, and works entirely powered by gravity and an ingenious geometric  design.

And to top it all off - we can now offer the new system at a far more affordable price.
If you have never tried a bullet feeder on your progressive reloader -  what are you waiting for?! It cuts the time and effort involved in  reloading practically in half! A must-have item for any serious shooter.

the expanding powder funnel supplied is for the Dillon reloading  machines only. Not compatible with other brands. To use with the LnL  press, you will need to purchase their expanding powder funnel  separately.

The Mr. Bulletfeeder is available in 9/38, 40SW/10 mm, .45. Rifle calibers .223, .308. and 6.5x55mm

Pistol: Please note: Mr.Bullet  feeders and Mini Mr.BF are usually shipped with our Dillon Powder  funnel. If you wish us to swap that out for a Hornady funnel when  shipping – we can do so for you. request that at time of ordering. Or,  separately purchase your 

Rifle: No expanding powder funnel is included  with this system, because throating the rifle brass in the powder  funnel is not possible. That would lead to too small a powder through  hole. Flaring the brass must be done as a prep stage or using a modified  M-die on the 1050.

4 785 SEK