Brunox - Lub & cor spray - 100 ml - Spray

BRUNOX Lub & Cor Corrosion Protection is a non-curable multifunctional product that can be used anywhere where a long lasting lubrication and corrosion protection are desired. 

BRUNOX Lub & Cor is a smooth, non-hardening film, which completely covers the smallest corners and seams. BRUNOX® Lub & Cor also lubricates under high surface pressure. BRUNOX® Lub & Cor penetrates the hinged portion and remains not only on outside. Weather-proof solution during the winter in cold and brine.

High quality and durable lubricant for all that is exposed to the weather, such as construction, forestry and agricultural machines, sprinkle vehicles, drives, ropes, winches, chains, crane rails, gates, etc. Will not be washed away, weather-proof, guaranteed lubrication to -41 ° C and up to 3x longer lubrication intervals.

Strongly adherent corrosion protection: outside storage (summer / winter) corrosion protection to 5 months, covered storage outside corrosion protection up to 12 months storage in corrosion protection up to three years, sea transport (in open-top containers) and up to 5x longer corrosion protection.

BRUNOX® Lub & Cor Corrosion Protection is useful wherever a long lasting lubrication and a long-term corrosion protection is desired. For example, for bicycles, storage and transport.

Use and operation:


  • Quality lubricant, for chains
  • Corrosion protection


  • Protecting industrial constructions, installations, machinery, vehicles, antique cars, fences, tools, etc.
  • Lubrication of chains, ropes, slides, machinery, precision tools, semi-finished and finished products, vehicles, plants and many types of tools.

BRUNOX® Lub & Cor also lubricates under high surface pressure. BRUNOX® Lub & Cor can remove with detergents (surfactants), if the protection is no longer required.


  • BRUNOX® Lub & Cor is free of heavy metals and free of mineral acids
  • BRUNOX® Lub & Cor not drip
  • BRUNOX® Lub & Cor meets USDA Class 2
  • BRUNOX® Lub & Cor meets NSN 8030-25-100-4662
  • BRUNOX® Lub & Cor is removed with an anionic solution
  • BRUNOX® Lub & Cor has a corrosion-inhibiting effect of approximately 1 to 1 ½ years

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