RAVPower Rugged 10050mAh powerbank

Ravpower rugged 10050 mAh is a powerbank built to work outdoors, it can withstand water splashes, sand, shocks and other things nature has to offer.
The carabiner does so the power bank won't disappear and there is a built-in flashlight for use in the dark. With 10500 mAh, you can charge your iPhone about 3 times, and you can charge two devices simultaneously with the two USB-A ports.

It also has 4 LEDs indicating how much capacity is left in the power bank.

ManualLink to manualen
Out:1 x USB-A 2.4 ampere, 1 x USB-A 1 ampere
In:MikroUSB för laddning av powerbanken
Size:23 x 72 x 117mm
LampLED lamp

459 SEK

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