Böker - Plus Newton Martin K-Bit

The name gives away the construction: Newton Martin's design is an ultra compact Kerambit, just without the center part. As a result, this neck knife is a particularly compact companion that can discreet be carried around the neck with the included Kydex sheath and the ball chain.

The handle opening provides multiple options. On one hand, the finger can be put through the opening in order to obtain very secure grip. On the other hand, holding the knife with the whole hand also allows for different applications. 

Subsequently, you could even add a Paracord wrapping. No matter which option you choose, the grooved knife always ensures optimum grip and safety.

  • Steel: 440C
  • Handle: Steel
  • Designer: Martin Knives
  • Totallength: 10 cm
  • Bladelength:  4 cm
  • Bladthinkness: 5 mm
  • Weight: (gram) 41

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519 SEK