The "Star" Plate Hanger

Airsoft Steel -  Plates to simulate paper and steel in USPSA, IDPA,  IPSC, 3Gn, Pro-Am Steel, Steel Challenge (random patterns of engagement  for challenging practice)

Designed to build your ability to track and stay focused on the  front sight, this target has a plate configuration similar to a Texas  Star. The circular plate location forces the user to acquire the sight  alignment from high & low diagonal directions similar to engaging a  Texas Star, it's a whole different dynamic than horizontal or verticle  tracking. The "Star" comes with 6 round white plates and 2 tan  rectangular plates to give you more shooting options.

Like the Texas Star, this target can be engaged clockwise,  counterclockwise, left-to-right, right-to-left, top-down, or bottom-up.  There is also room to locate another target behind the "Star" to make it  even more challenging.

All Tactrainers airsoft targets are built from 16 ga steel to last a lifetime!

649 SEK