Plegium - Smart Defense Spray

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The Smart Defense Spray is a maximum strength methol spray  equipped with a siren, LEDs and FREE automatic location text messages  and phone calls to

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The Smart Defense Spray is a maximum strength methol spray  equipped with a siren, LEDs and FREE automatic location text messages  and phone calls to your emergency contacts.


  • Maximum strength menthol spray
  • Location text messages (FREE)
  • Phone calls (FREE)
  • Siren
  • LED lights
  • Magnetic quick-release keychain
  • 4 years no-charging battery life

Setup in 1 Minute

  1. Download the app Plegium from the App Store or Google Play (free)
  2. Connect to your Plegium device in the app
  3. Add emergency contacts in the app  (up to 5)
  4. To test all functions except the spray, press the TEST lever on the side of the product for 10 seconds

How to use

  1. Slide thumb under safety lid
  2. Press firmly in the center of the trigger - all functions (i.e. the  menthol spray, location text messages, phone calls, siren and LED lights)  activate simultaneously
  3. Spray the attacker from ear to ear across the eyes, then aim for nose and mouth

Menthol Spray        

All menthol sprays from Plegium are maximum strength  and have more than a 10 foot range. Depending on model, the menthol spray lasts for ~10-15 seconds of continuous spraying, which is more than enough for multiple attackers.

Location Text Messages and Phone Calls        

The Genie Defense sprays from Plegium® are the only on the market that automatically sends text messages with your location and makes phone calls to your emergency contacts - so that you can get help faster. The models Smart and Smart Mini  automatically pair via Bluetooth with your phone. In the Plegium app -  available for iOS and Android - you add upp to 5 emergency contacts. The Plegium app is 100% free - no monthly charge - and we bear the costs for all text messages and phone calls.


The models Smart and Combo have a powerful built-in siren, to attract attention. The siren is louder than any other standalone personal alarm on the market. The sound of the siren has been tuned to resonate at frequencies where the human hearing is the most sensitive.

LED Lights        

The models Smart and Combo are equipped with triple LED lights, which improve aim in darknessThe main purpose of the LEDs is to enable seeing the spray jet if it's dark outside, and thereby improve your aim. On top of that, the LEDs flash - 19 times per second - which has a proven disorienting effect on the attacker. Police worldwide use flashlights that flash (at ~19 times per second) to disorient people they are arresting.

Magnetic Quick-Release Keychain        

We have developed a unique magnetic quick-release keychain, which enables detaching the spray with one handThe Genie Defense sprays from Plegium® are the only ones with this important feature. Many other menthol sprays on the market require two hands to detach from the keychain. Hang  your Genie on a keyring or on the inside of your handbag, so that you  know where it is. If you need to use it - just pull it. The keychain  will separate so that you can use the spray faster.