VFG - Barrel cleaner for rifles - 9,3mm

What is special about VFG Weapon Care?

It is a comprehensive range of articles for the internal and external cleaning and care of guns. In the nature of things, special attention is devoted to the cleaning of the bore of the barrel since it is well known that this presents the greatest problems.

The common feature of all systems is that cleaning, preservation and degreasing of the barrel are carried out with woollen felt pieces. VFG high-quality woollen felt barrel cleaners are manufactured from natural sheep’s wool with cellulose wool and in diameters to match every calibre. This is carried out exclusively by felting and fulling the individual fibres, and thus without the addition of a binder of any kind.

  • it is a purely natural product and contains no chemicals whatever.
  • it is stable in shape yet flexible and can be precision stamped in a modern process. When it is stamped, the cut surface presents brush-like properties due to the innumerable fibre ends, which, when the correct pressure is applied, have an optimum cleaning effect.
  • it is very absorbent and can trap large and small particles of dirt in its tangled fibre structure and so clean them out of the bore. The outstanding absorbency enables it to take up and store liquids (e.g. oil, solvents, polishing paste).
  • it is a textile product and therefore harmless and exceptionally gentle.
  • it can bring metal surfaces to a high polish.

Bag of 500.

Cal. 9,3mm

535 SEK

In stock

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