Real Avid - Carbon Boss AR15

Before Real Avid developed the Carbon Boss-AR15 and The AR15 Scraper, most solutions for cleaning carbon from the bolt carrier group (BCG) were MacGyver-like homemade kits made of bent paperclips, used toothbrushes, and grinder-modified screwdrivers. The Carbon Boss-AR15 changed all that by putting the brushes and scrapers you need into one compact, beautifully designed, easy to use multi-tool. It makes the filthy, time-sucking, tedious job of cleaning the AR15 BCG easier, faster, and more efficient.

The Carbon Boss-AR15’s 16 precision tools scrape and brush multiple BCG surfaces free of carbon crud in a few insert-twist-remove motions. For instance you can scrape 3 different bolt tail surfaces in one operation. To finish use the center, 360-degree bolt tail brush to clean all exterior bolt tail surfaces in one shot. All of the Carbon Boss-AR15 tools lock in place. Clear labeling of each tool inspires confidence to disassemble and clean quickly and efficiently. Time to kick some serious carbon ass.


Innovative compact triangular frame design
Single-sided design for fast tool access
Protective sheath with carry strap
Durable engineering-grade resin and non-hardened 420 stainless steel tools
Folding tools use liner locks or detents to stay in place
AR15 bolt tail scraper (interior and exterior)
Pin punch for AR15 disassembly
Firing pin scrapers (3)
Bolt brushes - bronze phosphor (2)
Rotating combination SMART BRUSH™
Cotter pin puller
Bolt face scraper
Bolt lug scraper
Bolt carrier scraper
Bolt cam pin scraper

549 SEK

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