IGB - 10" IGB Tactical Barrel for 9mm Glock 17,17L, 34

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Please choose your Glock Model from ListGlock 17 Gen3/4Glock 17 Gen5Glock 17LGlock 34 Gen3/4Choose Caliber:9x19Inner Profile:IGB PolygonTwist Rate:1:16 "OA-Leng

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Please choose your Glock Model from ListGlock 17 Gen3/4
Glock 17 Gen5
Glock 17L
Glock 34 Gen3/4
Choose Caliber:9x19
Inner Profile:IGB Polygon
Twist Rate:1:16 "
OA-Length:255  mm ( 10.0" )
Glock 17  = 114mm (Standard) + 141mm ( 4.48" + 5.52")
Glock 17L= 154mm (Standard) + 101mm  ( 6.07" + 2.97")
Glock 34 =  135mm (Standard) + 114mm  ( 5.32" + 4.48")
Material:IGB Superior Barrel Steel
Hardening Method:Plasmanitration + Oxidation
Surface Color:Black


IGB Thread Protectors & other accessory. Please go accessory

IGB Laufgeometrie:
IGB Barrels are not a 1:1 copy of a Glock Barrel. In some configurations the geometry is altered to enhance the movement of the slide and to supporta reliable bullet feed of the barrel, especially at 16" IGB Barrels.

Stock Systems like CAA, KPOS, IMI etc.

In general, every stock system which can operate a 10 Inch IGB Barrel can also operate a 16 Inch IGB Barrel.Please check first if your system can operate with tactical or carbine barrel:

Manufacturer Information:

IGB Austria manufactures barrels from steel block to finished product. Being independent of any blank supply, IGB Austria chooses the finest steel for pistol barrels. In terms of Glock Pistols, IGB Austria offers barrels for any Glock, for any Generation, in any length and exports those in-house produced barrels worldwide.


Every IGB barrel is sold with a warranty to last up to 75 000 rounds if used with factory ammunition according to the C.I.P. or SAAMI standards.