Arma Zeka - AZ-P1 Super - DEMOEX

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DEMO EX - Skjuten max 100 skottThe AZ-P1 Super is a semi-automatic sport pistol with a single action trigger mechanism - SA and locked breech- locking is r

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DEMO EX - Skjuten max 100 skott

The AZ-P1 Super is a semi-automatic sport pistol with a single action trigger mechanism - SA and locked breech- locking is realised via the barrel to the ejection port. This is Sportingly tuned pistol with smooth trigger travel and short trigger reset.

This AZ-P1 Pistol meets the requirements of the IPSC and is approved to the standard category.



  • tuned trigger mechanism with smooth travel and short reset - Single Action 
  • movable trigger in relation to the bore axis, adjustable trigger pull length and weight
  • new ergonomics of the frame, new type of the checkering and surface finish for a better grip
  • high modularity, new type of the backstraps and grips. The grips serves as a magwell
  • ambidextrous controls
  • easy disassembly and reassembly of the pistol
  • last round fired signalization- the slide stays open
  • sport front sight- Zendl with fibre optics
  • sport rear sight- Zendl- adjustable for windage and elevation
  • high-quality double stack magazine Mec-Gar for 19 rounds
  • massive all metal construction, steel and aluminium alloy. Both machined
  • high quality bull barrel with surface finish ARCOR as the rest of the steel parts
  • slide locks via the barrel to the ejection port
  • rear and front slide serrations
  • large ejection port for perfect ejection and easier checking of the chamber
  • extractor also serves as a loaded chamber indicator
  • ergonomics serrations on the hammer for better manipulation
  • takedown pin stays in the frame after disassembly
  • magazine catch is reversible
  • large and contoured beavertail for a good grip as high as possible in relation to the bore axis
  • recess in the frame serves as a finger rest and support while shooting
  • tuned shape of the magazine plate
  • tuned shape of the spacious trigger guard with checkering at the front and bottom

  • excellent accuracy
  • high durability
  • maximum reliability
  • adjustable trigger - trigger pull weight, trigger pull length, reset, and the trigger is movable in relation to the bore axis for a finger length
  • ambidextrous and large safeties serving as a support while shooting
  • opportunity to use the pistol without grips, in the case of small-handed user
  • grooving on the frame for a firm grip
  • roughened backstraps and grips with groovings for a firm grip
  • holes in the back of the magazine, that shows state of the magazine- for 5, 10, 15 and 17 rounds

Calibre9 mm Luger
Overall length [mm]225
Overall height [mm]150
Width [mm]45
Weight with empty magazine [g] (empty magazine 105 g)1145
Barrel length [mm]127
Number of barrel grooves6
Rifling twist   250mm right
Sight radius [mm]176
Magazine capacity19 rounds
Frame materialLight alloy
Trigger mechanismSA with manual safety

Standard package contains:

  • durable plastic case with the option to use a lock
  • AZ-P1 Super pistol with inserted magazine for 19 rounds
  • one extra magazine for 19 rounds
  • Allen key for grips, Allen key for the rear sight and trigger
  • brush and bore cleaning rod
  • user manual, warranty list, test fire target

Download Manual