LaserAmmo - SureStrike AirSoft Vibration Cartridge-780IR

The SureStrike™ InfraRed (IR) Vibration cartridge is a 9mm cartridge that activates by the Vibration of the Airsoft and not by the firing pin like the conventional SureStrike™ laser cartridge.  

Offer Includes: 
•9mm Vibration Cartridge IR780

The Vibration InfraRed (IR) cartridge will convert your Airsoft to an invisible laser emitting Airsoft rifle or pistol for a full blowback dry fire practice together with to the LA FLASH - Airsoft rifle adapter or The Recoil Enabled AirSoft Laser (R.E.A.L) Conversion Kit. 

With the SureStrike™ InfraRed (IR) Vibration cartridge you can continue to develop and maintain your shooting skills: practicing your stance, gun presentation, sight alignment, sight picture, breath control, trigger pull, and follow through, with a full cycle and airsoft blow back. Activated by the vibration of the Airsoft, the SureStrike™ will emit an invisible laser and activate any electronic target, simulator, Laser Tag hardware or even MILES gear that reads InfraRed. 

(*) If you are using a Glock 17R (red Glock) please contact us, as a different vibration cartridge is needed.

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