DAA - Dry-Fire RUNNER/SLIDER Target Kit

The  DAA Dry-Fire Runner/Slider Target allows you to enrich your dry-fire  experience by adding a Runner – one of the least practiced targets, and  one which many find challenging.

The target set is laser-cut from thin wood board, and includes everything you need to set it up and use it out-of-the-box.

The Target is approx. 15cm tall, and the set includes two brown  targets and one white N/S target, allowing you to setup the trolly with  one, two or two and a N/S partial cover.

You can determine how fast the trolly will run on its bearing  rollers, based on how steep an incline you create with the 3mm para cord  the target runs on. You can decide to have it run from left to right or  right to left.
A quick and simple setup and reset makes this perfect for effective  repeat training runs. Release the runner using the included 1.5mm, 7m  long trigger paracord.

Dry-fire and sharpen your Runner target shooting skills from the comfort of your home!

The Trolley is likely to jump off the paracord when it hits the end of  the line! If it falls to the floor it may be damaged. Rig a safety loop,  as explained in the setup video to prevent the trolley from falling to  the floor.

259 SEK