Quantum - Shooter Belt - Black - Polymer Buckle

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The ”Quantum - Shooter Belt” is a patented concept based on our own experience from wearing equipment belts in the military crossed with end-user inpu

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The ”Quantum - Shooter Belt” is a patented concept based on our own experience from wearing equipment belts in the military crossed with end-user input from law enforcement officers that wear their duty belt for many hours each day, during "on foot" - and vehicle-mounted patrols.

It is a well-known fact among law enforcement officers that rigid belts can cause fatigue and even long-term injuries to the body when worn on a daily basis - especially when driving in patrol vehicles where seats are not customized for people wearing duty belts.

We wanted to change that! 


We are confident that we designed a belt that will make a quantum leap into the next generation of duty and gunfighter belts that will define a new high standard for comfort, functionality, and mobility.


Decrease fatigue and enhance your mobility with a Quantum - Shooter Belt!

Adjustable stiffness and support: 

The Quantum - Shooter Belt features 3 sections of build-in compartments for removable support inserts that will stabilize the belt where inserted. This will give the user the choice of in which sections additional support is needed and which sections are left more flexible for increased comfort.

Ergonomic design:

The Quantum - Shooter Belt has a curved design that follows the contour of the user’s body, making it compatible with a male as well as female users.

With individual sections with compartments for support inserts Quantum - Shooter Belt will have areas in between sections that will allow for a high level of flexibility. These flexible areas will absorb and prevent a force applied to one section from traveling through the belt, to the next section. This will let the belt warp and flex to increase comfort and mobility


Compatible with loop/Velcro inner belts: 

The Quantum - Shooter Belt will function with existing inner belts but we highly recommend the Tardigrade Tactical Micron - Inner Belt that has been designed parallel to the Quantum - Duty & Gunfighter Belt also features a curved design for a high level of ergonomics and comfort.

NB! Micron - Inner Belt is NOT included in this price/product!

Easy and discrete transportation:

The Quantum - Shooter Belt can be folded for storage or discrete transportation - even when support inserts are inserted into the compartments of each section and even when equipment is attached to the belt. This is especially practical when traveling to a shooting range or when storing the belt in a bag or a locker. 


Loop for attaching nametags or team logo. 

We attached the "velcro" loop on the back of the belt for the shooter to attach a nametag or a team patch. In IPSC and similar disciplines, pictures of the shooter are usually taken from behind the shooter during stages - "Velcro" loop will help to include names, team names, or sponsors on these photos often shared on social media platforms. When it's for "the 'gram" it's ok... 


Cordura 1000D
Squadron - laminated cordura

(Size 3 incl. support inserts and Cobra Buckle - Metal)
283 g