Nevermiss Industries - DOH Hanger

This holster hanger is a product that was born out of necessity. No  needless adjustments or pieces to come loose or slide out of place. This  rigid design paired with a solid shooting belt will have you more  consistently drawing your gun from your holster every time. Spaced  properly to fall within the rules of applicable USPSA divisions, this  hanger comes with two T plates. The first being a 90 degree, the second  being a forward or rearward adjustment of 5 and 10 degrees. Simply flip  the plate for adjustments in the opposite direction. These are CNC  machined from 6061 aluminum, and type 2 hard anodized in Black, Blue, or  Red. Mounting hardware is included and once it’s set in place it’s not  going anywhere. Note: These are made to fit 1.5” belts.

699 SEK