Guga Ribas - Holster GR Revolver

Quality holster from Guga Ribas.

Lifetime Guarantee - If you have something that breaks on your holster we will send a new part to you.

One of the absolute best holster in the market for those who shoot IPSC and PPC. The holster is a universal holster that is set according to the respective make of revolver. The revolver is secured to the holster by clamping the warp bracket and has a beep support which is mounted in the front edge.

You quickly lock the turret by adjusting and arm on the side of the holster. The revolver is seated very well even if the arm is not tensioned.

The holster can easily be detached from the belt bracket so that the rig / belt takes up less space in your rangebag. The belt bracket remains in the outer belt / belt (tightened with screws).

1 879 SEK

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