Davrex - Automatic Brass Sorter without case feeder


Tired of hand sorting your brass casings for those high quality boutique orders?  With the Davrex sorter, all you have to do is set up the machine and keep the case feeder supplied with brass.  On average, the sorter is able to identify and segregate one case every 1,5 second.  It can handle clean brass or dirty brass, pistol small primer, deprimed or not.  It comes calibrated for major brands.  


  • Image recognition software identifies the brass headstamp and drops it in the appropriate pipe.Large/small primer recognition at better than 99,912 % accuracy.
  • The machine has 8 different sorting compartments so you can choose which brands end up in which pipe.
  • Software sorts major calibers by head stamp (contact us if you don’t see your caliber here)  
    We currently have caliber kits for

    • .9 mm
    • 38 SPL
    • .40 S&W
  • One year warranty parts
  • Free software upgrades (online)
  • Headstamps that works right now
    • 39b
    • CBC
    • GECO
    • GECOSX
    • GFL,
    • SB
    • SBNX
    • SPEER
    • Blazor
    • MAXX
    • Metalverket
    • Starline
    • STV
    • Winchester
    • Norma
    • PMC
    • R-P
    • PPU
  • It sorts between 1600-2400 brasses per hour depending on the brands as it varies speed depending on how far it is between the pipes.

  • If you connect the machine to the wifi it can automatically find new versions of the software and it can send images to be able to make improvements on recognition and to be able to expand for several brands over time. 


  • 1 Davrex Sorter Machine
  • 16 Angled joint
  • 1 AC adapter


Read about DAVREX in latest https://vapentidningen.se (nr 8 - 2022)

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