CCI - Pest Control Shotshell Ammo 44 SPL / 44 - 9 Shot 10/Box


CCI® has been a leading innovator of rimfire ammunition for over 50 years, producing specialized loads to meet the demands of serious hunters and shooters. CCI Shotshell Rimfire Ammo shoots a pattern of fine birdshot pellets for short-range pest control. Pellets are contained in a plastic capsule that does not harm gun barrels; any residue comes out with normal cleaning methods. Producing minimal noise and muzzle blast at sub-sonic velocities, and having virtually no risk of over penetration, makes CCI Shotshell Rimfire Ammo an ideal choice for getting rid of vermin close to human habitation.

The evidence is in the lineup. One look at the 9mm Luger Shotshell is all it takes to know that CCI understands what varmint hunters desire. CCI's Varmint Ammunition line features a variety of bullet technologies that are designed for the same goal: total devastation on impact.

Our customers reside all across the country and are governed by numerous federal, state, county, city, and municipality regulations for these types of products. Please consult your area’s laws and regulations governing this product and its use.


  • Rigid plastic shot capsules that breaks on the rifling
  • Flexible base wad prevents gas blow-by
  • Reliable CCI primers
  • Residue removes with normal cleaning methods
  • Reusable, 10-round pocket packs
  • These cartridges are loaded with a lighter projectile then conventional 9mm Luger ammunition for use in pistols and revolvers. They may not function reliably in all models of firearms. DO NOT RELOAD THESE CARTRIDGE CASES. These cartridge cases are marked NR (Not Reloadable). Rupture of reloaded cases can cause severe injury. Do not use shotshells in firearms with ported barrels or ported recoil compensators. Cylinder lock up may occur in light weight revolvers due to capsule movement resulting from recoil inertia.


Caliber/Guage44 Spl/Rem Mag
Ammo UsePest Control 
Bullet Weight140
SeriesPest Control 
Box Count10 
Muzzle Velocity (FPS)305 m/S
Caliber44 Spl/Rem Mag  
Bullet Type#12 shot 

DO NOT USE SHOTSHELLS IN FIREARMS WITH PORTED BARRELS OR PORTED RECOIL COMPENSATORS. Intended for short-range pest control; not recommended for self-defense.


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