Eemann Tech - Adjustable rear sight for CZ 75 TS

This adjustable rear sight is intended for CZ 75 Tactical Sports. It does not require any weapon modifications while assembling. Comply with current IPSC rules for Production Division.

One click of vertical or horizontal adjusting screw corresponds to approx.1 cm displacement. Adjustment of the accuracy must be performed on the target placed at distance - 25 m.

The proper distance between rear and front sights for CZ 75 Tactical Sportis 17 cm.

Suitable height of front sight is from 7 to 8 mm.  

Technical specifications:

• Cutout in sight: 3 x 2.5 mm.
• Sight base dimension: 9.3 x 17.9 mm

Adjustable Fiber Rear Sight set contains:

• Rear sight - 1 pc.

1 399 SEK